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A young, as in under thirty and over twenty-five, aspiring author. I've been writing forever it seems like. I took a good ten years off after I believed a boyfriend that my stuff was crap. My husband encouraged me to start again when I told him I was always happier when I wrote. I have one cat. She is my baby, and a fruit loop! :D I was born to goodly parents who raised me to respect others but always stand up for myself. I, like many others, rebelled a bit as I flew from the nest. Spent a few years in collage and work full time before realizing that doing both was getting me nowhere fast. I concentrated on my career for a few years before a family crisis brought me home again. I set myself up within easy reach of my parents and continued on my merry little path. Numerous engagements and breakups later(I know, I'm such a hussy), I met a man who soothed a bit of my wildness away and swept me off my feet. Eighteen months after the marriage started he decided he no longer wanted just one woman, or maybe just one specific woman in his life and asked for a divorce. I being the naive little creature I am, tried to work things out much to no avail. My MOTHER decided that online dating would be a safe way to get me "back into the saddle" after the divorce and promptly hounded me until I gave in and told her I'd give it a shot. After being proposed to multiple times by individuals I had never met I promptly switched services and three days later met a man who made me laugh so hard I snorted, multiple times. Months later he and I eloped, since my family thought I had gone crazy again. When was the first time you ask??? I'm not telling, you have to get to know me better first. It's not as if I'm telling you my WHOLE life story. Sheesh! I've now been married sometimes happily and sometimes not for over three and a half (yes that half counts) years to a very patient man who allowed me to quit my job and come home and write. I've been writing since I was eight and since a lady never tells her age you'll just have to be happy with that. I just recently decided to get serious about it and see about getting stuff published. I'd much rather work at something I love than work at something I'm good at but hate.